Programs & Curriculum

Infant Care

We serve children ages 6 weeks - 24 months. Our teachers have child care experience and are up to date on all the rules and regulations to guarantee the safety and well being of your child.


We are licensed to and do provide a kindergarten curriculum to ensure their readiness for elementary school and beyond.


We serve children ages 2-5 years old, please see our curriculum below.


At Laugh and Learn childcare we believe that every child is unique and our approach to education embraces their individuality. We believe that children learn best through play and hands-on experience. Our classrooms are designed so children engage in:

Creative Arts
Children are encouraged to create and represent their ideas in a visual form. On a table, the floor or a workbench, children paint, draw, knead, glue, cut and put together unique products of their own choosing. Children can simply explore the materials and enjoy the process and also create, design or make something that represents a real object, place or living thing. Creative arts offer children another mean to express what they know and what they feel.
When children construct, create, and represent their experiences with blocks, they grow in each area of development. Blocks naturally appeal to young children because they are symmetrical, they feel good to touch and invite open-ended explorations.
Dramatic Play
Dramatic plays encourages children to break through the restrictions of reality, it taps into their unique imaginations. They pretend to be someone or something different from themselves and make up situations and actions that go along with the role they choose. When children engage in dramatic play they deepen their understanding of the world and develop skills that will serve them throughout their lives.
Sensory Materials
Children need little introduction to play with materials that engages their sensory experiences. This includes water and sand, while playing with these can delight the senses, it also can challenge children’s minds and promote all areas of development.
Children develop the motivation and skills necessary to read and write. As they hear stories aloud every day, look through books on their own, listen to story tapes, recite familiar stories, and make up their own stories, they also have many opportunities to grow in all areas of development.
Science & Math
We encourage children’s natural curiosity and here they’re able to find answers to the many questions they are bound to have. Our science and math program sparks curiosity and wonder using new and interesting materials. In the Science area, children can use their senses of touch, feel, taste, smell and see; they can act on objects and observe what happens next. Teachers help nurture children’s curiosity by engaging and posing their own questions. Children respond using their thinking skills to investigate and explore. This enhances all areas of development.
Here children are given an opportunity to improve their coordination, learn about counting and sorting, and expand their problem-solving skills. Manipulatives provide a hands on learning experience that will help their developmental growth in their everyday lives and will prepare them to learn more advanced concepts in their continued education.
Music and movement
Music naturally pleases and interests children. We use this time to provide an outlet for children’s high spirits and creative energy. Music and movement experiences help and develop both sides of the brain (an important finding in recent brain research) and contribute to children’s social/emotions, physical, cognitive, and language development. At Laugh and Learn we take it a step further by providing children with music lessons to their favorite instruments such as the piano, guitar, drums and etc.
Foreign language
Studies have shown that early childhood is perhaps the best time for children to pick up different languages. At Laugh and Learn childcare we aim to take full advantage of this unique stage in development to expose children to languages such as Spanish, Italian and French.
Theme of the month
At Laugh and Learn Child Care we make it a priority to expose children to all kinds of knowledge that will serve them in their continued education. Themes of the months provides a learning experience that is relevant to their everyday lives, whether it be learning about black history month in February, gardening in the spring time or different cultures in May; we strive to round out their education by incorporating both academic and cultural knowledge that will provide our students with the extra knowledge to ensure their continued academic success beyond Laugh and Learn.
Outdoor play
Through outdoor play kids get a better understanding of weather and the different seasons and they also get to continue developing their sensory, social and team building experiences.